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The club was founded and registered by the National Sports Council in 2014. For years the Club has been organizing annual sports competition involving children, youth and adults in May-June connected to the African Child day to commemorate the Sharpeville massacre. The main objective of the club is talent identification and development. ITSC intends to build relationships with key partners in youth sport to create a conducive environment for children and youth to develop their sporting potential. Through providing opportunities for these young adults to experience an array of sports and monitoring their progress, ITSC is paving the way for the champions of tomorrow. The idea is to connect the IOP educational institutions namely Kids’ Corner Pre School, Sunflower Pre and Primary School, the Lord’s Hill Secondary School and the Ilula Peace makers Empowerment Centre with the sports programs of ITSC. 

ITSC believes that it is possible for student-athletes to successfully balance sports, academics and life. This is possible through balancing education and sports a program which allows students realize sporting potential while preparing themselves for a future beyond sport. ITSC has football teams for under 14, under 17 and adults. Plans are underway to establish girls’ team. The Club has two volunteer coaches and medical doctors. The ITSC soccer adults’ teams are the runners up in Iringa Championship. Needed are funds to upgrade and fence sports fields, sports gears, buy a club bus, training outfits and other related expenses. The club is looking for sister clubs who can visit the club and combine tourism with soccer training and friendly matches. Follow us on instagram @ilulatigers_sc . IOP as a charity organization gives a chance to the children, youth and girls who do not have a big chance in the community, this chance helps the mentioned group to participate in sportsand other games which helps to bring equality and bring peace in the community. The children who are sponsored as a result of losing their parents due to AIDS and other disease are the main key to sports program at IOP.

Respect All, Fear None

New signed players

A team needs to sign good players with excellent profiles if it wants to win trophies. The Ilula Tigers are aware of and follow to all rules when bringing in new players, and as a result, they have played many games without loosing a match and have made it to two straight regional finals.

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