Ilula Tigers Sports Club (ITSC)

The champions

Ilula Tigers Sports Club lifted the Iringa Region Champion super cup. The club won all the four matches in the group stage, won two matches for quarter finals, two matches in the semi final and the final match at Samora Memorial Stadium in Iringa municipality.

Unstoppable Fans

We are incredibly appreciative of the support our fans have shown for our team. They are there whether we play at home or away. The fact that we can laugh together, especially on the drive home, is what matters most. Our fans create a good winning mentality through cheering and encouraging our players.

Respect All, Fear None





Finals Played

Finals Won

Support Us

We truly need your help, no matter how small you may think, to us it means a lot, and makes a great difference.


The club is Owned by an NGO

We are a club that is owned by Ilula Orphan Program (IOP), a non-profit organization recognized by the Tanzanian government as the best NGO for sustainability in the year 2022.

You create employment

You create potential future employment in sports by lifting the lost and decaying youth talents in the rural areas of Tanzania.

Talents Development

We work to identify and nurture the talents of the most vulnerable children and youth in Tanzania's rural communities.

Get responsible youths

By getting kids involved in sports, we can keep them out of bad habits like drug use and theft. The support goes directly to the beneficiaries.

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HOME GROUND: Berit's Park

General Inquiries​

Edson Msigwa
Managing Director
Phone: +255 767 337 763


Ajolon Mgeveke
Team Chairperson
Phone: +255 712258300


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